[Fcs-grad] Ukulele update

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Tue Dec 7 10:44:12 MST 2004

There was no response to our Missing Ukulele flyers throughout the 
building, but one of our grad students, Tanya Garn, just happened to 
have a ukulele that she was willing to give to Maria.  Tanya's ukulele 
has been well cared for and looks almost new.  Maria is thrilled and 
very touched by Tanya's kindness. 

Many of you had already contributed money for a new ukulele.  It was 
suggested by Cathleen that this money be divided and added to what the 
Department gives to the custodial staff for Christmas.  If any of you 
would like your money back, that's okay too.  Thanks, everybody, for 
your willingness to help.

On another note--we are out of pink envelopes in the main office again.  
Would anyone have some to spare?

Thanks again, Sandra

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