[Fcs-grad] office painting

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 21 14:12:45 MDT 2004

You might have been wondering about the painting that was supposed to 
have been in process right now.  Well, I just got word from Gary in the 
Paint Shop that the painters, Al and Dennis, will be here to proceed on 
Monday, October 25.  They can paint three offices per day (two in the am 
and one in the pm) or they will work in the stair wells when they don't 
have office work.  They begin work at 7am, lunch 11am-12 noon, and leave 
at 3:30pm.  You will need to remove pictures, etc. from your walls and 
books from large bookcases if you want them moved away from the wall and 
papers and personal things off the floor and stored somewhere.  They 
will move all furniture around as needed and will paint around bookcases 
if you don't want to remove books, although they prefer not to do that. 

Paint colors will be the same as in the building now--dusty rose and the 
gray-blue.  You can switch to the other color if you'd prefer.  I've 
been assurred that the painters want to please us, the customer, 
wherever possible.  You will probably want to be out of your office 
while it is being painted, but you should be able to move back in 
shortly after.  The painters will move everything back in place.  The 
paint smell is light and probably won't bother you--most of you, 
anyway.  There may be an exception or two. :-)     They will have to 
paint around Trisha and me in the main office and that should prove 

It is not imperative that you have your office painted.  It is 
completely up to you, but I do need to get going on a schedule, so 
please let me know if you want your office painted and two or three best 
days and time of day (am or pm).  For those of you who share an office, 
please touch bases with your office partner(s) to coordinate.  Plan that 
the painters will be here for the next 5 weeks.

Thanks for your cooperation.  It is going to be so fresh and clean!!


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