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Graduate Students - As you are thinking about what classes to take next semester, please note that
the University Writing Center is offering several writing classes that might be appropriate.  It is also
good to keep in mind that they can provide feedback on drafts of theses and thesis proposals - they
are a good resource, and work with graduate students as well as undergraduates.  It would be great
to see some of you ultimately publish your theses, and I am sure the WRTG 6000 course would help
you with writing your thesis as well - our department accepts publication-style papers as an acceptable
format for the thesis, so this might be helpful in multiple ways.

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The University Writing Center is offering four graduate level writing classes in Spring 2010.
Please bring this to the attention of interested graduate students.
Please address any questions to Maureen Mathison <maureen.mathison at hum.utah.edu>.

>> WRTG 6000  Writing for Publication (2 credits)
>> Section 1: Wed. 2-4 PM, LNCO 2820                    Section 2: Tues. 2-4 PM, LNCO 3840
>> Instructor:  Paul Ketzle, Ph.D.                                      Instructor: Jennifer Andrus, Ph.D.
>> Writing for Publication identifies many different types of writing
>> produced by researchers, examines the steps writers take to organize
>> a standard argument or present research findings, and explores how
>> successful academic writing is constructed. Class sessions target
>> article and journal analysis, and students participate in
>> workshopping of their own writing as they prepare and strengthen
>> work for publication.
>> WRTG 7000  Dissertation Writing (3 credits)
>> Tues. 6-9 pm, BEH S 102
>> Instructor: David Hawkins, Ph.D.
>> Designed for graduate students in all disciplines, Dissertation
>> Writing introduces students to the various genres of dissertations
>> and how to prepare them. The course focuses on the process of
>> writing a dissertation, from contextualizing a research problem, to
>> describing specific aims and research methods, to making the results
>> relevant to a scholarly community.
>> WRTG 7060  Scientific Writing (3 credits)
>> Thurs. 6-9 pm, LNCO 3840
>> Instructor: Natalie Stillman-Webb, Ph.D.
>> Scientific Writing is designed to help graduate students in all
>> scientific disciplines (including social, natural, medical,
>> computer, and materials science) develop the skills needed for
>> scientific research and communication. Provides students with the
>> opportunity to write in the variety of forms that they are likely to
>> encounter in their professional lives in a scientific context,
>> including research proposals, reports, and literature reviews.
>> Students will also learn effective strategies for revising their
>> writing and increasing their writing productivity.
>> WRTG 7080  Writing in the Health Sciences (3 credits)
>> Online course
>> Instructor: Natalie Stillman-Webb, Ph.D.
>> In WRTG 7080 graduate students in health science fields
>> (particularly those enrolled in online graduate programs in the
>> colleges of Health and Nursing) practice writing skills necessary
>> for scientific research and professional communication in their
>> disciplines. Students learn how to plan and organize a persuasive
>> scientific argument, use graphics effectively to support claims,
>> integrate and document secondary research, and revise their prose to
>> develop a clear and concise writing style.
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