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Subject: FW: Science Fair Judges Needed
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Would you forward this to grad students and seniors, if possible?  This is a great way for seniors to add some high level service to their resumes!

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From: M David Rudd 
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 12:50 PM
To: Aleta Airmet Tew; Cathleen D Zick; Cheryl Wright; CHRISTOPHER A SIMON; Cristina Swenson; Cynthia Berg; Daniel Craig Mccool; Demian Hanks; DENNIS JOHN BRYANT; Elizabeth Ann Cashdan; George F Hepner; Ferris Johnson; Gertruida Magdalena Saunders; GINA NELSON SEASTRAND; Heidi Amundsen Baker; James F O'Connell; Jayne H Nelson; Jeffrey D Kentor; JEFFREY MERLIN GOULDING; Jennifer Lynn Robinson; jessie x. fan; James J Gosling; Lisa M Clayton; Lynda C Robinson; Marilyn Miller Cox; Mary R Guillory; Michael D. Eliason; MONICA KOHLER; Monica Simons; Nancy A Seegmiller; Pamela Jean Schaefer; Peter W Philips; PHILLIP R KESSLER; Phoebe B Mcneally; Pauline W Wiessner; Richard Pike; russell isabella; Sarah Moyer; Shelley Kruger; John Steven Ott; STEPHEN E REYNOLDS; Susie Shannon Porter; Thomas Neil Maloney; Ursula Evelina Hanly
Subject: FW: Science Fair Judges Needed
Importance: High

Please distribute and see if we can generate a few volunteers. Thank you. David

M. David Rudd
Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Science

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Subject: Science Fair Judges Needed

Brian & David,
The Salt Lake Valley Science & Engineering Fair is quickly approaching
- just over 2 weeks now. We have 547 projects registered this year, an increase of more than 150 projects from last year, which means we need more judges. I am emailing the two of you in hopes that you can send this along to others in your Colleges - faculty, graduate students, even senior-level undergraduate students, because our most dire needs are for judges in:

Behavioral & Social Sciences (Elementary & Junior divisions) Biology & Biochemistry (Elementary division) Chemistry (Elementary & Junior divisions) Environmental Science (Junior division) Physics, Astronomy, & Math (Elementary division) Plant & Earth Sciences (Elementary division)

As a reminder, Elementary division judging will be on Thursday, March
24 and Junior division judging will be on Friday, March 25. Judges can register for one or both days. I am attaching the schedule for more information. Senior-level undergraduates should be reasonably suited for judging Elementary division. Graduate students should be able to judge either Elementary or Junior division.
To register as a judge, please go to: http://slvsef.org/judges

Thank you!
(Director, SLVSEF)

Brenda K. Mann, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
SentrX Animal Care
615 Arapeen Drive, Suite 110
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
P: 801-583-2050 x102
F: 801-583-2055
E: bmann at sentrxanimalcare.com
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