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Marissa Lynn Diener Marissa.Diener at fcs.utah.edu
Mon Feb 3 15:56:35 MST 2014

Hi, HDSP students.  I believe that some of you applied for Spring graduation.  If you are completing a thesis,
it is very likely that your graduation semester will be SUMMER rather than spring.  In order to graduate in
spring semester, you must successfully defend your thesis, do the revisions your committee asks for, format
it and have it submitted to the thesis office by March 14th.  My experience is that this is not likely for our thesis
students.  The more typical pattern is that you will defend by the end of Spring semester (hopefully), and then
work on revisions and formatting and submit to the thesis office by June 15thish.  One you have your oral defense
of your thesis, you do not have to register for any additional credit hours, and you don't have to pay any more.  So
defending by the end of Spring semester is a good goal.

Non-thesis students - you will need to do an oral defense of some type of your project.  We have often done a poster
session, but there is a lot of flexibility - talk to your committee members about it.

SO, in terms of paperwork....  If you applied for Spring graduation and you aren't going to make it, you need to
reapply for Summer graduation.  Form is attached.  You also need to let me know your expected semester of
graduation - Bobbi usually handled this, and now it is me, so the sooner the better...  Send the form to the registar's
office, but send me an email indicating when you expect to graduate.

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Dear Graduate Advisors:

Happy Monday!

The Graduate School has over 1400 student who have applied for Spring 2014 graduation, please take the time to look closely at each students'  online file within your department to make sure everything is complete and ready for graduation.  If the student is not graduating please send me their name(s) and have them reapply for graduation during the semester they will be completing their degree, see attached form.

Spring 2014 Manuscripts for Format Approval i.e. Defended thesis due to the Thesis Editor's Office March 14th.  Please make sure all outstanding grades have a Report of Credit form(s) fill out, even for the current semester.

Comprehensive Exam/Language Verification/ Nonthesis/Project Final Exam May 1st (thesis releases must be on this date as well or the student will have to reapply for Fall 2014, all Report of Credit forms turned in).

Grading begins April 19th-May 12th, grades available for students May 20th please send me a list of any faculty who do not save and post their grades and have EU on students' roll sheets (please send an email out encouraging faculty to grade graduate students' first).

Departments deadline to have students' files completely cleared (except for A1) May 16th hard deadline.

Thank you,
Darci Berg
Graduate Records Coordinator
302 Park
Darci.Berg at gradschool.utah.edu<mailto:Darci.Berg at gradschool.utah.edu>

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