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Please see the attached map if you are planning to go to the EAP. It is located in the Southwest corner of Presidents Corner.

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With the Great Shake Out planned for 10:15 am tomorrow, I thought it would be helpful to resend the information regarding what to do in an emergency situation.  I have attached a handout that provides information on emergency preparedness and response that I hope you will send to all of your instructors. In general, we ask that instructors do the following:

If there is a severe weather situation such as a tornado, an earthquake, or an uncontrolled hazardous materials release, please do the following: The class shall immediately move to an interior room with the fewest windows. If the room has windows, they should be closed and locked (a locked window will likely provide the tightest seal possible) and everyone should move as far away as possible in the event of flying glass. If an interior room is not available, the class may move to an interior stairwell. During an event, you may visit the University website for incident updates www.utah.edu<http://www.utah.edu>.

If there is reason to believe it is not safe to evacuate, such as in an active shooter scenario, please do the following: Stay as calm as possible. Turn off lights. Close windows, blinds, and shades. Move away from doors and windows. Secure doors by locking them or when doors open inward, by blocking them with furniture. Move visitors, guests, and others from the hallways to secure rooms. Turn off radios, speakers and cell phone ring tones. Notify Public Safety (5-2677) or 911. Tell them you are secured. Provide your location and the number of occupants in your room. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR ROOM FOR ANYONE. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU ARE GIVEN AN ALL CLEAR BY A UNIFORMED OFFICER OR A CAMPUS OFFICIAL.

If you have any questions or would like to have a presentation to your faculty on emergency procedures, please contact Marty Shaub, Managing Director of Environmental Health and Safety/Environmental Health, at 5-9311 or Marty.Shaub at ehs.utah.edu<mailto:Marty.Shaub at ehs.utah.edu>.

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