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job posting

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Subject: Office of Child Care Job Posting
Please disseminate to interested parties.

The Office of Child Care is recruiting a program manager.

The job post is on utah.gov<http://utah.gov> and is listed under DWS under the "Program Manager" position. The job will be posted until February 1. Here's the job description:

Job Description: This is a supervisory/manager position within the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Office of Child Care division. Incumbent manages Utah's Early Childhood Development Child Care program and oversees related administrative operations; develops and manages grants to ensure quality in child care settings; utilizes data and research to develop and coordinates program planning; utilizes outcome-based performance measure to evaluate program; insures compliance with funding and regulatory requirements; interfaces with child care stakeholders, other state agencies, and divisions within DWS; provides pertinent management and public information; drafts grant proposals and related documentation; may serve on committees, task forces, and groups; and may represent the department at hearings and related public meetings.

Colleen Murphy
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