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Hi Andrea,

I’m sorry to tell you I don’t have a comprehensive listserv for all of our grad students, but each of our departments may be able to reach out to theirs.  I’ve copied their admin assistants on this message.

Fellow admin assistants:

Would you please disseminate the below/attached to your respective grad students?


Erin Saunders
Administrative Assistant
College of Social and Behavioral Science – Dean’s Office
University of Utah

From: Andrea Vazquez [mailto:Andrea.D.Vazquez at utah.edu]
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To: Erin Saunders
Subject: Soup(er) Tuesdays courtesy of the Graduate School Diversity Office

Hi Erin,

My name is Andrea Vazquez, I’m the Graduate Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Diversity in the Graduate Diversity Office. I’m contacting you in hopes that you can help us disseminate this information to all the graduate students in the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

The Graduate School Diversity Office is happy to announce our monthly SOUP{ER} TUESDAY series. Please join us Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-4:30pm for a free bowl of homemade soup, courtesy of the Assistant Dean for Diversity. Come early! Soups will be serve at a first-come, first-serve basis.

This month's Soup{er} Tuesday will be held on Tuesday October 20th from 3:00-4:30pm in the Den Room in the Union. We will be serving loaded potato soup with croissants.

Attach please find the flyer with a map to the Den Room, and the dates for all of this semester’s Soup{er} Tuesdays.

Thank you,
Andrea Vazquez


Andrea Vazquez
Graduate Assistant
University of Utah
Graduate School Diversity Office

Masters of Education
Education, Culture and Society
University of Utah, 2015


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