[Fcs-grad] Mark calendars! Morgan Dorcheus Thesis Proposal Friday 10/30 10a.m. AEB 220

Sonia Lynne Salari sonia.salari at utah.edu
Wed Oct 21 13:48:24 MDT 2015

Greetings FCS Department!

Morgan Dorcheus will be presenting her proposal Friday 10/30 at 10 a.m. in AEB 220.  Cathleen will officiate, since I will be out of town.  Please come and show your support for your colleague!

Youth gardening programs: Short term impacts on emotional well-being

                There is mounting evidence for the effectiveness of youth gardening programs in increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among youth who consistently attend such programs. Unfortunately, existing research does not address whether youth gardens can influence the emotional well-being of program participants. Changes in emotional well-being may be an important outcome for youth with infrequent garden attendance. This is a significant gap in research that presents an opportunity for the proposed study.
Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG), located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed partnerships with community agencies (i.e. Boys & Girls Club) to provide their City Roots youth gardening programs. In weekly one-hour classes, youth learn how to harvest and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables grown in WCG community gardens. Although classes are offered on a weekly basis, participants from each agency differ week-to-week. This project seeks to assess whether the City Roots youth gardening program impacts the short-term emotional well-being of youth ages 8-14 years old. We expect to have between 70 and 90 study participants.
                Outcomes are measured through surveys given at the beginning of youth gardening classes, surveys given at the end of classes, and through a photo art project. Using components of existing food consumption surveys, a self-regulation tool, and other measures adapted specifically for evaluating youth gardening programs, we expect to see improvements in emotional well-being with some variation also attributable to socio-demographic variables. Existing food consumption surveys will be used to make benchmark comparisons for respondent's willingness to try new vegetables and home availability of vegetables prior to assessing emotional well-being. Ultimately, we want to assess if WCG's youth gardening program is a tool for improving emotional well-being of youth, especially those who are less likely to have had any prior, consistent gardening exposure.

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