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FYI to all graduate students. Please let me know if you have any questions! -Jessie

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A copy of this letter is attached in pdf form.

Dear Directors and Advisors:

As you know, in Fall 2017 the Thesis Office in the Graduate School ran a trial program of emphasizing preliminary formatting reviews to help dissertation- and thesis-writing students prepare for the manuscript review before graduation. This trial program was a measurable success, and manuscripts for Fall 2017 that made use of the preliminary review program have shown increased format compliance and are experiencing much faster processing through the Thesis Office.

To build on this success, beginning Spring 2018 all students who wish to process their manuscripts through the Thesis Office in order to graduate should arrange for a preliminary formatting review. This lower-stakes, shorter review will help reveal significant formatting issues in manuscripts that will be an impediment to speedy approval by the Thesis Office. Students are allowed to turn in a chapter or more of a manuscript for a preliminary review, or may sign up for a 20-minute, in-person format review consultation. The Thesis Office will have an appointment calendar for students in place by Spring 2018.

Students who do not complete a preliminary review will not be barred from graduating. However, students who do not complete a preliminary format review will no longer be guaranteed that their manuscripts will be approved in time for graduation in the semester the manuscript is submitted.

Preliminary reviews will be conducted by the Thesis Office up to two weeks before the first manuscript deadlines. Following that time, no requests for preliminary reviews will be accepted until the next semester. Departments should prepare students by letting them know of the earlier deadline. Review deadlines are updated on the Thesis Office website.

We encourage departments and advisors to assist students nearing graduation by clearly communicating the requirements of manuscript publishing early in the thesis and dissertation writing process. The Thesis Office will continue to be available to speak to departments and students to provide information about the process and guidance for a smooth and stress-free experience.

For more information, please refer to the following questions and answers.

Does a student need to wait till the semester they're graduating to have a preliminary review?

No. If the student learns the correct formatting early in the writing process and implements it in their writing, it is more likely that the manuscript will exhibit no major formatting problems. Directors and advisors may want to encourage their faculty to require a preliminary formatting review early in the writing process, for example after the completion of the first chapter of a manuscript.

If a student is off-campus, how can they have a preliminary format review?

Students may ask a colleague to submit their manuscript for a preliminary review, just as they may for their final manuscript review. Students who wish to have a colleague pick up an edited preliminary format review must sign a FERPA form (available on the Thesis Office website). Off-campus students who wish to have an in-person preliminary format review may arrange with a Thesis Office representative to have a Skype or phone-in appointment.

Will students who have had a preliminary formatting review be prioritized by the Thesis Office when they turn in their manuscript for the final manuscript review?

Manuscript review submission to the Thesis Office will continue to operate in a first-come, first-serve basis. This will be reflected in the Thesis Tracking Tool, available for students and administrators on the Graduate School website.

Students who fail to have a preliminary formatting review and who have no major formatting issues will continue to graduate in the semester they submit. A student who has not had a preliminary formatting review and has major formatting errors that bar them from publication (as explained in the Thesis Office Handbook) may have their manuscripts be given a low priority for follow-up or have their manuscripts rejected for graduation that semester.

Whom can I contact if I or my students have further questions?
Questions can be directed to this email or the new Thesis Office general email address, thesis at gradschool.utah.edu<mailto:thesis at gradschool.utah.edu>.

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