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  This is Rand's reply to my email inquiring about doing sub for Santa 
for Steve's family.  Just ignore the other issues to which he responded.

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Hi Sandra,
I think that is really incredible that your department wants to do
that. The bookstore is also doing that for Steve and his family. I
talked to my supervisor Shane Girton about your email and he thought it
would be good if we could work along with your department. Shane has
talked with Steve's wife and she will be providing a list of clothes
sizes and wants. 
I'm not sure if I mentioned this but we got the latest news yesterday.
Steve is still in ICU and likely to remain there for another 2 or 3
weeks. He will be in the hospital for another 2 month's after that. All
of course depending on his progress. He won't be allowed any visitors
until he moves into the regular hospital room. Yvonne is selling the
house and they will be moving in with her folks. They will be an
addition on to their house that is accessible for Steve. Because Yvonne
is either at the hospital or at her parents she has declined our offer
to bring food in, so they are being taken care of in that way.
So we would like to work with your department on this sub for Santa
thing. Everyone here at the bookstore is very anxious to be involved
with this.

I have been getting your adoptions off the web and I believe that I saw
the Armando Solorzano adoption as well. 

Normally I could loan a book to a professo but the one that you asked
about happen to sell through completely, so I don't have any on hand at
all.  I checked with our general book department and they have sold
theirs out as well. I'm sorry that I'm not able to help with that.

Let me know what you think about working with us on Steve's sub for
Santa. I think he would be thrilled to konw how much you all care.


>>> Sandra Earl  11/06/02 03:35PM >>>
Hi Rand,

Our department has traditionally done a sub for Santa for a family in 
need for the past several years. We were wondering if we could possibly

do this for Steve's family this year.  Would you be able to check into

this for us or is there someone else I should contact?  Will you let me

know?  Any new changes in Steve's condition?

I have sent several new adoptions online in the last few days.  It's 
been on-going--maybe one or two per day.  Have you been receiving them?

 Were you aware that I faxed a book adoption to Steve for Armando 
Solorzano.  He is an FCS faculty member.  He is teaching Ethnic Studies

4560 in the spring.  I asked Steve if I could fax the information to
and he said to go ahead and do so and he would take care of getting the

books ordered or getting the order to someone who could take care of
 I just want to make sure he had a chance to do that.  

Don Herrin is presently teaching FCS 3630 and will teach this course 
again in spring semester.  His required text is The seven principles
making marriage work by Gottman.  He has requested a desk copy for 
spring, which I have to order online from the publisher.  This will
probably 2-3 weeks to receive.  Don really needs the book now as he has

given his to his TA to use.  Would it be possible for the department to

borrow this book from the bookstore and return the new one when we 
receive it?  Steve has arranged this a time or two for us.

Thanks for all of your help.


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