[Fcs-staff] first come first serve

Trisha Klein tk2796 at csbs.utah.edu
Thu Aug 7 09:11:02 MDT 2003

Hi !
    I wanted to make everyone aware of our current copier situation.
Our Gestetner machine has been down for a bit & is currently out
being examined.  It is unknown when it will become available. While we
do still have the regular copy machine, it tends to have issues.
    So, getting your semester copying done extra early may really
pay off for you this year.  
    And while you are at it....Irene will be out 13th-18th a.m.
Sandra & I will do what we can to help you, but our powers
are limited.  So, if you are going to need her superhuman abilities
before Fall Semester, catch her while you can.


P.S.- Thanks to Paula, Nick & Marissa for already having your stuff in 
the basket!
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