[Fcs-staff] Eval Time!

Trisha Klein tk2796 at csbs.utah.edu
Wed Nov 12 11:39:35 MST 2003


Fall Semester is winding down & that means evaluations.  It's a new game 
year.  All students will be completing their evaluations on the web.  
Next week,
students will receive an e-mail that will give the link to the eval. web 
site and instructions.
However, you may want to make an announcement in class as well and 
encourage them.

For your students who do not have e-mail or whose e-mail has not been 
updated with
the U, they can access the evaluations from their campus information 
page.  This is the
page that they register through, so everyone is familiar with it.  
Instead of choosing to
register however, they choose to complete their evaluations.  Once they 
choose this,
instructions will appear to guide them. 

The "incentive" that students have to complete the evals. is that they 
will not be able to
 see  grades earlier than Dec. 23rd.  If you get your grades into Sandra 
on time
(the 15th) they usually show up on the web in a few days. So, students 
that complete their
evaluations will be able to see grades about 2 weeks earlier than those 
that do not. 

Due to privacy issues, there is no way to tell who has/hasn't completed 
their evaluation.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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