[Fcs-staff] sad news

Trisha Klein tk2796 at csbs.utah.edu
Mon Mar 22 08:14:11 MST 2004

Good Morning,
    Many of you know or have seen Kira Larkin, our visually impaired 
friend that works
in the ASUU preschool.  Her guide dog, Mae Lee (sp?) passed away 
yesterday following a seizure.  Kira was not with the her at the time 
and the autopsy
revealed no cause.  We want everyone to know that words of support and 
 would be fine, however she asks that people do not ask about his 
death.  She is
obviously heartbroken and doesn't want to have to talk too much about it. 
    The cremation that she desires is very expensive ($300).  If anyone 
would like to
give a little money to help her out, let Sandra or I know. 
Thanks, Trish
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