[Fcs-staff] 2005 Dex Salt Lake City Telephone & CD Directories

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Apr 20 16:49:59 MDT 2005

Dex is getting ready for the annual delivery of the Dex Salt Lake City 
White page books, Yellow page books & Business White page books along 
with the Salt Lake City Cd-Rom, which will start on September 1st. I am 
the contact for the confirmation of how many complimentary books and 
CD's our department will need for the upcoming delivery.

This year the Dex telephone books will be seperate White and Yellow page 
books, a Business White page book and also a CD-ROM version for computer 
users, available at no charge. They will be mailing the CD-ROM version 
through the Post Office in October.

Please reply to this email by Friday, April 22, with your phone book order.

Thank you very much!


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