[Fcs-staff] "The Classic cookie will melt your heart and warm you smile "

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Jan 13 13:25:00 MST 2005

I am helping my granddaughter, Tiffany, with a fund raiser to help her 
and her coach go to Luxemburg where she will skate in a world 
competition.  Tiffany is almost 14 years old.  She is one of ten figure 
skaters invited to represent the United States in this event in March 
2005.  She wants to help her parents with the heavy-duty cost of this 
opportunity, so she has chosen to sell Classic Ready-to-Bake Cookie 
Dough.  Since I am so excited for her and proud of her, I want to help, 
too, even though fund raising is not my favorite thing to do.  There are 
several different kinds of cookie dough and the cost is $12 for either a 
2 lb or 3 lb tub, depending on which kind.   Tiffany gets $5 for every 
tub she sells.  There is an order form and an envelope for the money in 
the main office if you are interested.  Please write checks to Tiffany Earl.

The cookies are supposed to be really good!  Thanks for your help


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