[Fcs-staff] OfficeMax Cartridge Return Program

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Jun 16 15:50:08 MDT 2005

OfficeMax is presently offering a Cartridge Return Program.  We can 
return all used cartridges, all brands to OfficeMax via our OfficeMax 
driver.  You are invited to bring in the used cartridges from printers, 
copiers, etc. at your home also.  Why recycle?

Each year, more than 300 million cartridges end up dumped in landfills 
in the US and around the world.

The industrial grade plastic used in a typical inkjet or laser cartridge 
takes approximately 10 centuries or 1000 years to decompose.

It takes three and a half quarts of oil to produce each laser toner 
cartridge and two and a half ounces of oil to produce each new inkjet 

With the US consuming approximately 850 million gallons of oil a day, we 
are helping to conserve a valuable natural resource.

I'm going to set up a deposit box for cartridges in the supply room 
behind the front office if you are interested in participating in this 

Thanks, Sandra
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