[Fcs-staff] Recycling Bins

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Jan 12 09:46:52 MST 2006

Just wanted to clarify what we can put in the three recycle bins in the 
east hallway. 

In the BIG BLUE BIN:  white and pastel-colored multipurpose paper only 
(no clips or staples).

In the GRAY NEWSPAPER BIN:  bright colored, glossy paper and cardstock, 
broken-down cardboard, newspapers and magagines (staples ok, NO CLIPS).  
Continue to put bigger boxes on the window sill and Mike, our custodian, 
will break them down.

There is a box in room 230 in the cabinet for white and pastel-colored 
multipurpose paper to make it more convenient now that the bin has been 
removed from that room.

In the ALUMINUM RECYCLING CENTER:  aluminum cans (soda) and plastic bottles.

Hope this helps!


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