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Dear Ribana,
My name is Eric Parent, I am a post-doctoral fellow conducting a research project on low back pain in the division of physical therapy at University of Utah.
I have attached an ad for recruiting participants in our project. We have posted this ad in a number of building on campus and have distristibuted it to different mailing list. Can you please post it to the mailing list of your department staff and students?

Thank you.

PS. This project has received IRB approval.



Eric Parent. PT, M.Sc. Ph.D.
Post-doctoral fellow in the division of Physical Therapy,
University of Utah,
520 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT
Ph. 801 585 7962
Fax. 801 585 5629 

Persons with LOW BACK PAIN needed 


Volunteers are needed for research on the effect of exercises for low back pain. 

·       18 to 65 years old

·       With low back pain with or without leg pain 

·       otherwise in good health 


All participants will benefit, at no charge, from:

·       Up to 4 weeks of supervised exercises two to three time a week (30 minutes per visit) 

·       A clinical and questionnaire assessment at the beginning of the study (1-hour), and after 2 (30 min) and 4 weeks (1 hour) of the exercise program. 

To learn more about this study, please call:  


Dr. Julie Fritz at 801 581-6297 or

Dr. Eric Parent at 801 585-7962


Division of Physical Therapy, University of Utah

 520 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84128


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