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Marissa Diener Marissa.Diener at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Aug 24 09:26:35 MDT 2007

Hi, everyone.  I signed up for that blood donor alert that the President
of the U sent us a message about a while back.  They are in need of blood
now, especially O+.  This hits home for me because my grandfather is at
the U intensive care, and has been receiving blood transfusions.  If you
can donate blood, please consider it.  The information about times and  
place are below.  THanks.

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Dear Marissa:

Thank you for volunteering to donate or get the alert out for the need  
for blood.  Unfortunately the situation has arisen where you are  
needed much earlier than expected by us.  ARUP Blood Services supply  
of O+ blood is extremely low, the lowest point it's been in a long,  
long time, due to a patient at the University of Utah who has extreme  
Gastrointestinal Bleeding and a tremendous number of trauma cases in  
the last few days.  We have made calls around the country for O+ blood  
to help out and we were able to secure just 20 units but that will not  
be enough because the patient with Gastrointestinal Bleeding is using  
15 to 20 units

a day alone.    Our recent blood drives have done well but the huge

demands from the hospitals and patients has put our supply in a very tough

situation.   We need your help!  If you have O+ blood we need you ASAP to

donate.  If you are not O+ please spread the word to anyone you know.   
Our other blood supply is low but manageable at this point.  Please  
help! You can donate at ARUP Blood Services two locations.

	500 Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, UT     8am to 7pm Thursday, Friday, 8am

to 3pm Saturday, Sunday   5201 South Green Street, Murray, UT    11am to

6pm Thursday, 11am to 3pm Friday, Saturday

	To set an appointment or for other information please call (801)  
584-5272 or check out www.utahblood.org

Thank you for saving lives!

PS- If you think of it, please let us know when you come in or call,  
that you received this email alert.

Thank you again!

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