[Fcs-staff] Your Thermostat

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Tue Jul 10 12:28:30 MDT 2007

I have learned a little more about the thermostats.  If you push the 
slider to the highest point on the scale, which is 95 degrees, the 
temperature will only go up to 77 degrees, and the temperature will not 
go below 66 degrees even though the slider can be below that.  So your 
range is between 77 and 66 degrees.  Some thermostats are responding 
properly, others are needing adjustments.  Justin from Atkinson 
Electronics and Dan from U of U Systems Operations are here testing to 
make sure each thermostat accurate.  If you are not presently in your 
office, I have given them access to check your thermostat or the 
thermostat that controls your office temperature.  Please don't wait too 
long to come in and spend some time in your office just to make sure 
there are no problems.  If you do think there might be a problem, please 
let me know. 

Dan told me that when the fan in running, you should have control of 
your office temperature by adjusting the thermostat.  The fan operation 
schedule given to Dan when he called Systems Op from my phone just a 
short time ago is as follows:  Monday, 5:30 A.M. thru 10:00 P.M,; 
Tuesday thru Saurday, 6:30 A.M. thru 10:00 P.M.; Sunday the fan is off.  
I know some of you might find it hard to believe that the fan is 
operating on Saturdays, but that's what he was told.  If you know you're 
going to need air conditioning on a Sunday, you can email Terry Walters, 
the supervisor in Plant Operations, and he'll arrange to adjust the fan 
schedule.  His email address is terry.walters at fm.utah.edu

Finally, please let me know if there are repairs needed in your office 
as a result of this project.  This would include ceiling tiles that may 
be damaged or missing.  Hope we can all enjoy a cool rest of the summer 
and then warmth when we need it.  Let's hope!  Do you have any 
questions?  If I don't have an answer, I'll get one.  Thanks again for 
your cooperation and patience.


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