[Fcs-staff] Recycling guidelines

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Jul 25 16:14:43 MDT 2007

There seems to be some confusion about what you can and can't put in the 
new, as well as the existing gray, recycle bins.  To simplify, Demetrius 
has asked that the gray bin be removed from the building.  This bin was 
originally for only newspaper, but several months ago, we were given 
permission to put bright colored and glossy paper and cardstock, 
broken-down paperboard, magazines and flyers as well as newspapers in it.

There are the two new, large, blue bins on each floor of the building.  
The one with the  WHITE OFFICE PACK label is for white and pastel paper 
ONLY.  The other blue bin with the RED MIXED PAPER label is for 
newspapers and advertising inserts, magazines, catalogues, paperback 
books, deep tone and fluorescent papers, envelopes with or without 
windows, cardstock--white or colored, manila envelopes or folders, paper 
ream wrappers, staples, paper clips, tape, sticky-notes, bindings: wire 
or plastic, comb or spiral.

We CANNOT put corrugated cardboard and paperboard (which is posterboard 
and like what the 12-pk and 24-pk soda cartons are made of) in either 
bin.  But the U of U now has a dumpster for this heavier cardboard, so 
we'll stack it in the window sill area around the bins and Demetrius 
will take care of it for now.  He said he would try to find a bigger box 
that we can use to discard the cardboard, but, eventually, we hope there 
will be a bin for that too.

The small, blue waste basket-size containers that some of you have in 
your office and the medium-size, blue containers placed around the 
building are Office Pack ONLY.  Kevin should be checking and emptying 
those.  If he is forgetting, would you please let me know.
And if you have any questions or if there is something I didn't cover, 
please do contact me.

Thanks a bunch!  Demetrius encourages all of us to "Please be gentle 
with the bins."

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