[Fcs-staff] HVAC work completed

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Fri May 25 16:53:04 MDT 2007

The valve work on the 2nd Floor was completed today.  They still have 
work to do on the 1st Floor, but, most likely, that will be done before 
or after hours.  I was told by Gary to make sure everyone is aware that 
from time to time in the future the valves will leak and will have to be 
replaced.  Some of us won't even need to be concerned about that, 
because most likely it will be years from now.  But if and when you 
notice a damp spot on the ceiling, please contact someone in the main 

Atkinson Electronics estimates they will complete their part of the 
project in about two weeks.  After their work is completed, it should 
be, oooh, so comfortable throughout the building.  I guarantee all this 
inconvenience will be worth it!  Thanks again for your cooperation.

FYI--I will not be here on Tuesday or Wednesday next week as we are 
going to stay up in Kamas a day or two after the holiday.  I'll be back 
on Thursday.  Have a great holiday weekend.


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