[Fcs-staff] Beware!

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Apr 9 09:54:40 MDT 2008

It has been reported to me that someone has been stealing wallets and 
laptops from offices around campus.  This has happened in OSH.  This 
person has very brazenly opened file cabinet drawers to find wallets.  
Evidently, through investigation, it has been learned that some of the 
laptops taken have been pawned and authorities have an image of this 
person taken by security camera.

Please keep drawers locked where possible and your office door at least 
closed if you're not there, even if you just run to somewhere in the 
building.  It has been quite some time since we've had problems in AEB 
and it is easy to forget that we can't assume we won't be a victim.

Report any suspicious people, thefts, etc. to us in the main office or 
to Police at 5-2677.


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