[Fcs-staff] Here's the scoop!

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Aug 15 13:24:03 MDT 2008

Evidently, the air conditioning problems we've been having in the 
building are due to the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) not working.  
When the fan stopped working a couple of weeks ago, it was because the 
VFD finally just quit.  An electrician by-passed the this device so the 
fan has been running constantly and at full pressure.  When the 
temperature in the rooms gets to set point, the damper closes and then 
can't open again when the temperature starts to rise because of the 
pressure.  This force is also probably what has caused some leaks in the 
duct work which will have to be repaired by the Metal Shop.  If you have 
kind of a blowing noise in your ceiling, it could be because there is an 
air leak. 

Yesterday, when Joey from Atkinson Electronics was here, I called HVAC 
and Richard was on the phone ordering the VFD.  It was not clear at that 
time how soon this part would arrive.  I was told that if the part 
wouldn't arrive right soon, they would gear the fan down and try to 
release some of the pressure, in hopes that the dampers could open.  
Most the our problems should be resolved once the VFD is here, installed 
and wired. 

I hope I've explained this right.  Sounds logical, don'tcha think.  I'll 
keep you posted.


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