[Fcs-staff] HVAC Update

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Aug 21 12:36:07 MDT 2008

I was assured by Kevin Thompson in the Electric Shop that the required 
process to get a new Variable Frequency Device (VFD) began when the old 
one quit and they bypassed it so the fan would keep working.  Three bids 
are required and they are not all in yet.  Evidently, this is a very 
expensive part and will have to be manufactured after it is ordered.  
Kevin tells me we will have to allow 8 weeks after the VFD is ordered 
for it to be delivered.

Yesterday Rob from HVAC and guys from the electric shop worked in the 
attic to shev (sp?) down the fan.  This morning temperatures were lower 
in the problem rooms, and in most cases seem to be staying down.  Rob 
actually propped open and held the damper in Rm 240 (Cathleen's office) 
so now it won't close.  He said he may have to adjust that if the room 
gets too cool.  He will adjust the damper in other rooms if needed.

The AC should be up and running in October at which time we won't be 
needing it too much.  I have been promised that we'll have help as we 
limp along until the new VFD gets installed.  I'll keep you posted.


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