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Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Fri May 9 16:58:39 MDT 2008

Cheryl has asked that I contact faculty and staff to ask that you each 
make arrangements to have a new, this time digital, photo taken.  We'll 
plan to post this new picture of you on our department board as well as 
on your own personal web page.  And then we'll have these photos saved 
and filed for when we might need a picture for something else.

Since I plan to be gone the month of June, I would like to get the 
photos taken within the next two weeks--by May 23rd.  I have attached a 
schedule.  Please look at it and then sign up for the time that works 
best for you on the hard copy in the main office.  If you want to give 
us a call, Sandy or I can sign you up by phone.  Or, email me or Sandy.

The photos will be taken outside, but not where the old board photos 
were taken.  To see the new background, look at Heidi's, Marissa's and 
Susan's pictures now on the board.  (Sorry! Heidi, Marissa and Susan.  
We'll have to retake your pictures so we have an electronic copy.)  
We'll keep taking new shots until you're satisfied.  If is is raining or 
really windy at the time of your appointment, we may have to reschedule.

Sorry to report--having your picture taken now in a similar setting as 
your co-workers is not optional.  We want everyone to take advantage of 
this great opportunity to get a new picture.  You know, most of those 
pictures on the board are almost nine years old.  I took them shortly 
after I started working here. 

We'll be ready and waiting to schedule your appointment.  Thanks so much 
for your cooperation.


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