[Fcs-staff] copying on colored paper

Sandra Earl sandra.earl at fcs.utah.edu
Wed Jan 21 16:01:10 MST 2009

If you are using colored paper to print to the copier in 230, please put 
the colored paper in the Bypass tray and then on your computer, click on 
File, Print, Properties, Paper, see Tray Status and select Bypass Tray, 
OK, Print.  Colored paper has been left in the drawer and then when 
someone else prints or copies, they unknowlingly use the colored paper.  
Please be aware that colored paper costs three times as much as white paper.

Remember to do 2-sided copies whenever possible.  If you are making a 
one-sided copy and it is "just a copy," please use recycled paper.  
There is a 6-tiered tray on top of the file cabinets in 228.  There is a 
stack of "scratch" paper or recycled paper on the bottom shelf.  Put 
that paper in Tray 1 (pull-down tray) clean side up.  There is a box of 
recycled paper on the counter in 230.  Use that in the Bypass tray, or 
you can put the paper in the drawer (clean side up for both).  You just 
have to remember to take the paper out of the drawer if there is any 
left over.

Thank you for helping us get through this challenging time.


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