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Hi friends!

As you may already know, next week, 10 of Salt Lake's most popular restaurants will be participating in an event to increase awareness about the 30,000 wonderful refugee people living in Salt Lake.  The head chefs from these restaurants will be creating a fusion dish side-by-side a representative from the refugee community-- including people from Sudan, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia, Iran and Eastern Europe.  During World Refugee Week (June 14th-20th), these restaurants will put these fusion platters on the menu and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Utah Refugee Coalition.

I am asking that you support this amazing event-- go visit your favorite restaurant and order a globally inspired dish!  See you there!

Attached is the flyer for Around the World in 7 Days events!  Please help get the word out-- as this will surely be a monumental event in the Salt Lake community.

For more information on refugees in Salt Lake, please visit http://refugee.utah.gov/home/index.html
Miriam Kramer
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