[Fcs-staff] the fax machine

BOBBI DAVIS bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu
Tue Feb 22 14:38:09 MST 2011

This is a general message going out to everyone in FCS.

The FCS fax machine is out of order.  Until this issue is resolved, please have incoming faxes sent to the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (801-585-5081).  Or see if those that are faxing you can scan and email any documents.
For outgoing, again, we will need to use the CSBS fax machine.  Also check with those you want to fax to see if they would accept an email with a pdf/scanned doc of what you need to fax.


Bobbi Davis
Graduate Advisor
Family & Consumer Studies
bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu
AEB 228

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