[Fcs-staff] Permission #'s for Summer & Fall

BOBBI DAVIS bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu
Fri Mar 23 12:23:40 MDT 2012

Hi Everyone (teaching Summer & Fall 2012) -

I am emailing to let you know that I am the person to contact for permission numbers.

So just 3 things I want to cover to help this process go smoothly for you and your students -

(1)    What to do if your class is full and you don't yet want to give permission #'s - tell students that they need to be put on a waiting list.  This waiting list is in the mail office - anyone in the main office can place students on this list.  So have students call 801-581-6521, come into to AEB 228 or email me (whichever method works best for them).

Please note: Make sure that you also tell students that in addition to being placed on the waiting list, that it is highly encouraged that they check the schedule regularly to see if anyone else drops, at which time they can quickly add the class. I monitor the waiting lists to see if anyone on the list has been able to register to make sure it's up to date.

Lastly, you may use the waiting list before classes start to then decide if you want to increase the cap on your class (if the location of your class allows), or to take the list to the first day of class and gage if permission #'s can be given on an individual basis.  Really, it's a tool for you to decide the method that works best for you - so make sure to communicate to students how you plan to use the list.

(2)    What to do if your class is full or the class requires a permission # and you want to give permission #'s - please email me who the student is (name and ID#, or just cc the student on the email message you send to me) along with your approval that the student can register for your course.  I'll then email the student and cc you with the permission #.  I like using email, because it tracks the approval you provide plus my response.

(3)    Exceptions - Anything else that doesn't fall within these two scenarios - then just contact me and we can talk.  One exceptions is FCS 5311 and 5550 (child life courses) - Jenny has the permission #'s for these two courses.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Bobbi Davis
Advisor, Early Childhood Ed & Graduate Programs
Dept. of Family & Consumer Studies
bobbi.davis at fcs.utah.edu
204 AEB (Alfred Emery Bldg)
phone: 801-585- 0030 or 801-581-6521
fax: 801-581-5156

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