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Lori Kowaleski-Jones lori.kowaleski-jones at fcs.utah.edu
Thu Mar 27 13:02:44 MDT 2014

Hi all,

I thought it is time for some fun!  On April 11th (Friday), a group of us are going to Bodega (http://bodega331.com/) for after work happy hour/snacks.  Bodega is on main street and one of my friends just went there and said it was an adventure!  No pressure to attend but would love to have any/all join me.  I think that I need to make a reservation so if you could let me know if this might appeal to you by April 9th, that would be swell.    FYI, it is a bar/restaurant and you have to be buzzed in...  It is located downstairs from a convenience store and it labeled " a new York style speakeasy."...how fun is that?  I was thinking that the event could start at 530 so you could come just from work.


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