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DINCOTE CHIEF FIRED AND REPLACED. The chief of the National Directorate
for anti-terrorism (DINCOTE), General Carlos Dominguez, was sacked and
replaced in view of his incompetence to prevent two spectacular PCP
military offensives within 72 hours. The massive destruction of the
National Police's Assault Division Headquarters and the total
destruction of the Huallaga Front Chiefs personal property, residence
and surrounding area, as well as other coordinated Maoist attacks, have
caused serious preoccupation and panic in Fujimori's regime. Many
foreign observers and most of Peru's newspapers now constantly report
"sendero has recovered and it is back!". General Dominguez was replaced
by General Maximo Rivera Diaz [El Comercio, Expreso, El Sol and most
newspapers, August I, 1996]. Note: The PCP was never gone, it
continuously develops the People's War since May 17, 1980, and at
present it prepares the strategic counter-offensive to Conquer Power
Nationwide. The Conquest of Power is certain.

and the Army Captain Luis Alvarez, in charge of Special Forces Battalion
N-19, were captured by the National Intelligence Service (SIN). The two
officers were stockpiling two large arsenals of automatic rifles (FAL),
machine guns, rockets and ammunition in their residences. SIN reported
they were preparing a military coup against Alberto Kenyo Fujimori
because of the low salaries and continuous hardship that Army officers
suffer in recent years [La Republica, July 31, 1996].

FOREIGN SECRET AGENT EXPOSED. The Vice President of the Spanish monopoly
Telefonica in Peru, Sergio Parra, died in a violent car accident in
Lima's Via Expresa highway. The first aid team at the accident's site
found various personal documents in the car, among these Parra's
identification card as a high ranking officer in the "National System
for Cooperation with Peru's National Police (SIN ACOOP-PNP)"; his ID
number was N-087. Later it was reported that Parra was an active foreign
intelligence officer (CESID) in a permanent assignment for SIN (Peruvian
CIA) [La Republica and various sources, July 26, 1996]. Note: It is not
the first time foreign business executives are exposed as foreign
intelligence officers in Peru.

LIMA. US Ambassador Alvin Adams expressed concern for recent reports of
Ecuadorean troops being deployed along Peru's Northern border in clear
violation of the peace treaty between Peru and Ecuador [daily El
Comercio, July 16, 1996]. Note: Adams does not mention that Brazilian,
Chilean, Argentinean and US troops are also being deployed together with
Ecuadorean troops to prepare a combined invasion along Peru's Northern
border under the pretext of "preserve peace" and "provide comfort".

PSYCHIATRIC ADVISOR FOR FUJIMORI. Various newspapers report Fujimori's
irritated tone in response to a recent report in which the
german-trained psychiatrist Sigisfredo Luza is listed as a Presidential
Advisor. Luza is also the "intellectual author" of various of Fujimori's
initiatives to control Peru's universities [La Republica, August 5, 1

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