WMC: The Shadows of Kamenev & Zinoviev (Part 1)

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THE                          INCORRECT LINE

	The Shadows of Kamenev and Zinoviev in "World Commission."
                           Part 1 of 3

After creating for himself a phantom "MPP-Belgium" and a Committee Sol
Peru-Belgium (a photocopy of the revisionist Committee Sol Peru-Paris),
the individual Luis Arce Borja (LAB) proposes the formation of a "World
Mobilization Commission (WMC) in Defence of the Peruvian Revolution."
What kind of "defence" is Luis Arce Borja proposing? In collaboration
with another individual from London, Adolfo Olaechea Cahuas (AO), he
announces that the WMC "will undertake the task of organizing, guiding
and promoting ALL activities in support of the Peruvian  revolution
abroad." This task would be accomplished through the following six

"1. To defend the life of chairman Gonzalo and his powerful Thought.
2. To defend without reservations the People's War, the Communist Party
of Peru (PCP), and its leadership.
3-To defend the life of the prisoners of war and political prisoners.
4-To defend Maoism as the new, third, and superior stage of Marxism,
within the context of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism taken as a unity in
5-To struggle against imperialism, revisionism and opportunism and all
counter-revolutionary forces.
6- To work towards convening and implementing a World Conference to
congregate political parties, support groups, mass organizations and
fronts, as well as personalities who sympathize with and support the
People's War in Peru.  To appoint an Organizing Commission to this

Although in appearance the above objectives seem to be for defending the
"Peruvian revolution abroad," in essence these are part of a scheme to
impose a revisionist right opportunist line on the international
solidarity movement that supports the People's War in Peru.  LAB and AO
raise their bourgeois "red" flag to oppose the proletariat's red flag.
Let us synthesize and understand in detail the objectives they propose
for their WMC.

Objetive 1. The first objective links Gonzalo Thought to the person of
"chairman Gonzalo" as an individual, separated from the proletariat, its
ideology and the revolution; thus, Gonzalo Thought is defended as only
the "thought of chairman Gonzalo," as only HIS thought.  This concept is
clearly based on bourgeois individualism and metaphysical, idealist,
bourgeois ideology.  The WMC's first objective defends only the
individual aspect of Gonzalo Thought, separated from the proletariat,
the PCP, its class ideology and the People's War it leads.  Such an
one-sided erroneous position, the bourgeois conception on which it is
based, and the two individuals who attempt to impose it, must be opposed
and rejected.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought,
is the guiding ideology of Peru's proletariat and its organized
vanguard, the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).  Gonzalo Thought is the
creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism to
the concrete conditions of class struggle in Peru, and it is the guiding
ideology of Peru's proletariat and its organized vanguard: the PCP
leading the People's War towards the Conquest of Power nationwide.  As
synthesized in the First Congress of the PCP: "revolutions generate a
thought that guides them, which results from the application of the
universal truth of the international proletariat's ideology to the
concrete conditions of each revolution. Guiding thought that is
indispensable to achieve victory and conquer Power, and still much more,
to continue the revolution and maintain a course always towards the sole
and grand goal, Communism." Once this guiding thought reaches a
qualitative leap of decisive importance for the revolutionary process it
leads, it is identified with the name of the person who shaped it in
theory and practice".  In the case of the revolution in Peru, this
process generates Gonzalo Thought, because it is President Gonzalo who
has shaped the proletarian application of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism,
principally Maoism, to the concrete conditions of the revolutionary
struggle in Peru.

The proletarian class character of Gonzalo Thought is its principal
aspect, but the "world leaders of the World Commission", LAB and AO,
suppress and negate such class character by constantly upholding and
emphasizing only the individual aspect of "HIS thought," "Gonzalo and
his powerful Thought," period, separated from the People's War, the
proletariat, the PCP and its guiding ideology. They do NOT call to
"defend" Gonzalo Thought as the application of the proletariat's
ideology to the concrete conditions of the revolutionary struggle in
Peru, on the contrary, they suppress this aspect.

It is essential to defend the life of President Gonzalo with more
Maoism, with more struggle against opportunism, revisionism and
imperialism, and with more support for the People's War and the PCP.
Let us emphasize this, Gonzalo Thought is the creative application of
the ideology of the proletariat to concrete revolutionary practice, to
carry out People's War. Now, to misrepresent and defend this application
of the ideology of the proletariat as only a personal patrimony, without
class character, is a bourgeois, idealist and metaphysical practice, it
is anti- Marxist.  Mao Tse-Tung himself clarifies this point: "The
`Selected Works of Mao,' how much of it is mine! It is a work of blood.
The struggle in the Soviets was very acute.  Because of the errors in
the Wang Ming line we had to embark on the 25,000 li Long March. These
things in `Selected Works of Mao' were taught to us by the masses and
paid for with blood sacrifices." (Remarks at a Briefing, March 1964.)


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