WMC: The Shadows of Kamenev & Zinoviev (Part 3)

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                          Part 3 of 3

The "two world leaders" call only to "defend" Maoism, but in practice
they oppose the APPLICATION of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.  They promote
themselves as experts of Marxist knowledge, and throw quotations to
right and left (Olaechea Cahuas portrays himself as "the greatest
thinker since Stalin," and Arce Borja promotes himself as "the successor
of Gonzalo.") But it is all a cover to reject the APPLICATION of
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, to negate the lessons from the
People's War in Peru, and to oppose the position of the PCP, Central
Committee, in leading the democratic revolution and the Conquest of
Power nationwide.

The correct line is to call the working masses to APPLY MAOISM, not only
to "defend" it.  The main point is to APPLY Marxism- Leninism-Maoism,
Gonzalo Thought, this is the point, as clearly expressed by THE CENTRAL

Objective 5. This objective is a smoke screen, a deception, because
through their WMC and other previous deceptive manipulations, LAB and AO
promote opportunism and revisionism; they oppose the proletarian line in
the international solidarity movement that supports the People's War.
They attempt to impose their own bourgeois, opportunist anti-Party,
anti-Central Committee, anti-Maoist revisionist line in order to promote
themselves as "world leaders" serving their own selfish interests.
Simultaneously, they prepare the ground for future imperialist attacks
against President Gonzalo, the PCP, the People's War and the World
Proletarian Revolution.

Objective 6 is a clear attempt to oppose, mislead and sabotage the PCP's
international activities abroad, and to structure a revisionist right
opportunist line in the international solidarity movement that supports
the People's War in Peru.  LAB and AO, in collaboration with a clique of
senderologists (Simon  Strong, Degregori, etc.), and undercover
imperialist agents (MIM, K.K. "Campbell" of Eyenet-Toronto, etc.)
attempt to monopolize, control and sabotage ALL activities abroad in
support of the People's War.  The so called "organizing commission" is
an attempt to deceptively place these two opportunists as "leading
members of a world mobilization." Now, whoever questions or disagrees
with this ridiculous fantasy of "Arce and Olaechea world leaders" is
automatically slandered as a "police agent, "yankee secret weapon,"
"impostor", etc. They will come up with "resolutions" and "commniques"
without consulting no one.

For instance, MIM (the phantom "Maoist International Movement") creates
an illusion in which any disagreement with the WMC amounts to a "call to
overthrow Luis Arce Borja," and, therefore, any person who disagrees is
automatically part of a "police plot" (see MIM's publication on
Internet, week of June 17, 1996.)  These slanders and coercions amount
to a clear sabotage against honest supporters of the PCP and the
People's War.  Actually, the international revisionist clique of LAB,
AO, MIM, and even the RCP-USA, center their campaigns of slanders mainly
against the MPP-USA and its publication The New Flag, precisely because
the MPP-USA follows the line of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of Peru (PCP.)

Their campaign of slander to defend their selfish interests is nothing
new.  For a number of years now, whoever disagrees with Luis Arce Borja
or Adolfo Olaechea is immediately slandered as "impostor," "police
agent," blah blah blah, in Arce's "El Diario Internacional" (EDI).  A
minor disagreement or simple criticism of LAB's opportunist practices is
enough proof for them to carry out campaigns of slander and sabotage
against honest supporters of the People's War.  Thus, objectively, these
two "world leaders" carry out the same dirty work of Fujimori's
intelligence services, the CIA, and FBI's COINTELPRO.

It is clear that LAB and AO conduct their opportunist work under the
cover of "defending the Peruvian revolution abroad."  This cover did
fool for a while some supporters of the People's War, mainly because
EDI, despite all its defects, and in its own manner, opposed Fujimori's
call for "peace accord"; but now it is obvious that LAB employs that
episode and EDI mainly to promote himself as "the reporter of the
century, successor of Gonzalo" with his partner, AO, "the greatest
thinker since Marx," while the PCP Central Committee and its supporters
are neglected, suppressed, slandered and sabotaged.  This is the
situation today, this is what exists at present: two shadows of Kamenev
and Zinoviev in a "World Mobilization Commission" of opportunism,
sabotage, class treason and future capitulation.

In essence, a herd of international revisionists and their
collaborators, led by two Peruvian opportunists, have launched the call
for a WMC, but it is a failure, because the international support for
the People's War in Peru is closely linked to the struggle against
revisionism and imperialism at the international level.  Who follows the
two opportunist "leaders"?

Comrades from the Committee for a Revolutionary Communist Party in
Australia (CRCPA) and the Committee in Support of the Peruvian
Revolution (CSRP) in Australia responded in June 1996: "We have seen
statements broadcast on the Internet, by some supporters of the World
Mobilization Commission, with which we cannot agree.  We maintain our
support for The New Flag, its editors and the MPP-USA under whose
auspices The New Flag is published.  We regard The New Flag/MPP-USA as
leading comrades in the international movement in solidarity with the
PCP-led People's War in Peru precisely because they are following the
line of the Central Committee of the PCP."

Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News, an honest supporter of the
People's War in the USA, responded: "...Now LAB and Adolfo... want to
form a new group with themselves conveniently as the leadership and
anyone who disagrees with this is a police agent! People are not blank
slates, in the cases of LAB and Adolfo they come with many pages.  It
seems that over the years they have an inability to work with others in
a consistent principled manner, due, in my opinion, to problems of their
own ego.  I have seen Adolfo rather immodestly refer to himself as the
greatest thinker since Marx! Since he has lived in England for the past
30 years, I am not sure what his relations to the PCP are." (Open letter
to MIM, July 6. 1996.)

Similar responses are widespread.  But let us understand other relevant
reasons for rejecting the WMC and its authors.

In his "Diario Internacional", LAB slandered the Italian organization
Rossoperaio as "the Inquisitors" who cover up
"impostors" from MPP-Europe.  LAB published: "For instance the original
EDI No.26, it had 24 pages.  Mysteriously, Rossoperaio reduced this
edition to only 10 pages.  This is a unique case in the modern history
of social and political struggle.  This is the same as somebody who
tries to oppose Catholic religion by suppressing pages from the Bible."
(EDI No.28, February 1996, p.7.)

Luis Arce Borja simply exaggerates.  Censorship, much less censorship of
his EDI, is not "a unique case in modern history"; actually,
imperialists and their lackeys constantly apply censorship and
distortion of facts through the imperialist world media.  But LAB not
only fabricates cheap bourgeois sensationalism, he goes farther and
portrays his scribbles in EDI as today's "Bible".  That much is clear,
his self-serving manipulations for self-glorification.  If those in
Rossoperaio distribute only the few news reports from Peru published in
EDI, and exclude LAB's scribbles, it must be for their own reasons, but
instead of uncovering those reasons, LAB only mentions that the group
has "ideological and political poverty," period, he does not present any
evidence. There is no clarification, no substance, no facts, no
analysis, no synthesis.  If EDI is today's Bible, then LAB can be no
more than today's holy apostle, and Adolfo Olaechea his disciple who
spreads his creed of class treason on the Internet and spits slanders
against supporters of the People's War.

In addition, LAB slanders as "impostors" members of MPP-Europe (Sol
Rojo) because they criticize him, and because this group does not
thoroughly criticize "opportunism in RIM."  Also according to LAB, the
members of Atelier d'Etudes Franco Peruviannes in France are "impostors
and provocateurs" (see EDI, July 1993); and more recently (with the
collaboration of MIM and AO) the MPP-USA is slandered as "police plot"
and "yankee secret weapon", etc.

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