Left and Right

Tue Aug 2 13:49:28 MDT 1994

     I just HAD to express a few thoughts with regard to
Andy's recent posting.  He's right... his "fairly innocent
observations" did begin this thread on the LTV, and I'm very
happy that he is "not bored in the slightest."  I felt very
flattered, as I hope Paul and the other contributors are too,
that Andy has described it as "the most instructive
interchange I've witnessed since I stopped taking classes and
started giving them."  Thanks much, Andy... and thanks too,
to Paul for some very instructive postings.  I have very much
enjoyed the interchange.

     While I don't agree with everything Andy argues in his
recent posting, I'm certainly very sensitive to his comments
with regard to the Austrians and their "real historical
political practice."  I fully realize that several "free
marketeers" of both the Austrian and Chicago schools, have
given assistance to - or implicit sanction of - certain
reactionary regimes.  I do believe however, that their record
in these matters is no worse (and perhaps a little better)
than the record of some of their leftist adversaries who were
apologists for Stalinism.  There certainly is enough ugliness
to go around on BOTH the left and the right.

     This said, however, I think that the Austrians, from a
theoretical standpoint, have much to offer to a radical
politics, albeit one that will probably differ significantly
from previous notions.  My own intellectual development has
included a potpourri of influences from both "left" and
"right".  From my own perspective, the future of the radical
project will partially depend upon an ability to look past
the conventional left-right duality.  There's a whole lot of
work yet to be done.

                              - Chris

Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra
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