Surrealism, communism, anarchism

Tue Aug 2 21:35:49 MDT 1994

Of note on the question of Surrealism and communism/Marxism is
Bataille.  Bataille was a formadle reader of hegel and a sometimes
ally and sometimes critic of Breton.  Bataille also, in my estimation,
had one of the best responses to Stalin froma Marxist view that I have
ever seen.  In it, Bataille recognizes both the horror of what Stalin
accomplished and the inherent ideas of Marx that lead to such horrors.
Further, Bataille argues that a society not constituted under Stalins
iron grip could noo have withstood German aggression in WWII and, therefore,
we have Stalin to thank for the defeat of the Germans.  SOme
of the most pointed articles to look at would be "The prefis 'sur' in
surhomme and superman" and the last chapter of ACCURSED SHARE on the
question of Stalinism.


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