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Andy Daitsman ADAITS at
Wed Aug 3 06:57:00 MDT 1994

Phil Goldstein down in Delaware "anonymously" wrote:

>Paul Cockshott wrote:
>If the labour theory of value is rejected, then the entirely of
>the classical and marxist objective approach to political economy
>falls in favour of a subjectivist approach.
>If the feasibilty of socialist economic calculation, a very
>closely related topic, is rejected, then there can be no
>coherent socialist politics.
>The issues at stake here are central to the struggle between
>socialism and capitalism.
>     I find these claims highly inflated. Are we really to imagine masses
>of people demonstrating in support of the labor theory of value? When a
>people's movement comes to power, should it demand that the goverment
>affirm the labour theory of value? What good would that demand do? I know
>that I sound very cynical, sorry; still, this defense of a labour theory
>of value sounds like the scientific Marxists wanting to define a
>socialist movement in their own terms, in advance, in keeping with their
>"objective" truths. How democratic is this "objective" approach?

Do I hear the name "Lysenko" lurking behind this post?  :-)


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