Steve Keen's thesis on ftp

Jonathan Beasley Murray jbmurray at
Wed Aug 3 10:50:30 MDT 1994

On Mon, 1 Aug 1994 Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU wrote:

> Jon Beasley is also trying to arrange storage for the computer
> readable files only on marxism's server (space is
> limited, so the ps files can't be included). I'll let you
> know (or Jon will) when that is done.

Well, it's been done.

Steve Keen's thesis is on the ftp server, available by
anonymous ftp.

The title is Steve_Keen_thesisLTV.txt
and it's in the directory /ftp/pub/spoon/marxism

This directory is intended for temporary storage--as we don't have too
much space.  But while the LTV debate continues to rage on the list, and
as the article version seem so difficult to obtain, the marxism list
proudly unveils its ftp service.

I will try and post "easy enough for a six year old" instructions on how
to get the thesis. later.  It is fairly long, by the way, so it takes a
little time to transfer--don't worry about this.

By the way, I presume that in Australia a thesis is (as in Britain) what
those in the US call a dissertation.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  But this
will give a sense of length.

> Steve Keen


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