rethinking pseudo-marxism

Jonathan Beasley Murray jbmurray at
Thu Aug 4 19:09:10 MDT 1994

On Thu, 4 Aug 1994, donna jones wrote:

> Comrades on the marxism line:
> I will not be writing to the marxist line for some time. My exchange with
> Trotter has convinced me that I have not yet understood marxism as a
> revolutionary theory of working class self-emancipation. I think that I am
> going to try to understand how Marx arrived at (and what was peculiar
> about) his theory of class struggle and the abolition of classes thereby.

Just a (co-)moderate note, and in order to prevent mass unsubscriptions:
I certainly hope that others who don't feel that they "understand
marxism" will not be similarly disinclined to post!

> I will still be reading. So long for now. Don't keep hope alive.

And I hope you won't necessarily refrain from posting; many of your
comments have provoked interest and discussion--which has to be a large
part of what a list like this is about.

> d jones

Take care


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