Stalin & World War II

Mon Aug 8 12:26:55 MDT 1994

On the Stalinism/Marxism front I would like to suggest that while there
may be no direct philosophical link between Stalinism and Marx's concept
of the revolution, the systematic state torture practiced by Stalin
is not a-priori contra Marx.  In trying to resists Bourgeois Humanist
values one of the values that certainly needs to be examined is
the idea that human life is important and has intrinsic value.  Also,
if we are to have a revolution of the proletariat shouldn't we expect
an attempt to forcible reeducate the bourgeois, i.e. us, very much
against our wills?  I mean by this that we really really like the way
we live, and when Mrax calls for the elmination of ideas of family,
marriage, consumerism etc. shouldn't we expect this to be just the
slightest bit painful for the 100's of millions of converts to
western style capitalism?


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