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Tue Aug 9 07:02:27 MDT 1994

I second this request. A week ago, I posted a remark that all these
Marx-Lenin-Stalin pedigrees somehow forget the Czars. No one reacted to
that at all. Isn't it just a teensy-weensy bit important?


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On Mon, 8 Aug 1994, Angel wrote:

> The main problem with the ten or so postings on this topic that I have
> read is they all start with concepts and not with history.  We are given
> Stalin (bad) and Marx (mostly good) and the good can or will become bad
> because of a third term.  Insted of boring games why not do some analysis
> of what happend in Russia.  I feel that understanding what happened in
> Russia and China is essential.
> Angell


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