Philip Goldstein pgold at
Wed Aug 10 06:16:47 MDT 1994

	Those interested in historical accounts of Stalinism might like
_The Stalin Phenomenon_, by Giuseppe Boffa. This book summarizes some
eleven different explanations of Stalinism, including the argument that
Stalin represents the triumph of Czarist tendencies.
        I wish to welcome back Donna Jones. I hope that she won't count
me among the enemies of the workingclass if I voice a philosophical
objection to her analysis of Stalinism and/or State capitalism. I don't
think that you get at the nature of these social systems by figuring out
whose interests they serve. If the systems constitute the interests and
the identities served by the system, the analysis
seems circular. If the system does not constitute the identity of the
interested parties, say, the petty bourgeoisie, the analysis seems too


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