Enough Vietnam nonsense already!

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Sat Aug 13 01:15:16 MDT 1994

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The Us lost the war in Viet-nam.  The US did everything it could to win
the war  short of Invading the North.  It did not do that for fear of
China/Russia.  The US remimbered what happened in Koria.  Also Nixon
thought about using Nucliar weopons but did not in part because of the
anti-war movement.  Imperialism may be powerful but it is not God the
struggle of the people around the world keep the US from doing somethings
But it was mainly the vietnamese people who to their eternal glory
defeated US.

I get into debates about this subject all the time.  Nobody has yet to
explain to my satisfaction WHAT WOULD HAVE COUNTED  AS "WINNING THE WAR" for
the US.  Was there a realistically-expectable state of affairs that the
Commander-in-Chief or anyone within his web of secrecy COULD HAVE counted as
"winning the Vietnam conflict"?  Does anyone here want to discuss, for
instance, the purpose of spending all those lives and dollars defending the
northwest corner of Quang Tri province?  Huh?  The deeper any of you get into
this, the more you will discover the meandering nature of the "purpose" of
the war.  The slippery slope provided by the lack of a stable notion of
"winning the war" provided an ideological context which helped Nixon justify
Vietnamization policy and the Paris Peace Accords.  Now wasn't that "winning
-Samuel Day Fassbinder


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