I don't know what this has to do with Marxism...

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Sat Aug 13 18:32:35 MDT 1994

Ben Attias argues that:

"Had the US elites in the Johnson and Nixon
administrations been as united about the aims and goals of war post-1968
as they were pre-1968, the peace movement would have appeared as pathetic
then as it did during the Gulf War.  The peace movement didn't stop the
war; the Vietcong did that.  It was the division of the elites in the US
and not the "threat" of popular resistance, I think, that helped prevent
Nixon and Johnson from doing even more damage than they did to Vietnam. "

I would argue that the peace movement at least constituted some sort of force
pushing toward the production of the "peace" that became a de jure reality in
1973.  I have yet to see anyone PROVE otherwise.  The peace movement might
have kept LBJ from making some details of the war public, too, which might
have been the cause of the elite disagreement over the war.-sdf


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