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Tue Aug 16 00:05:37 MDT 1994

If anyone out there is still pursuing this question, here are two more cites

FR Hansen, The Breakdown of Capitalism: a history of an idea in western marxism
(Seems to be very comprehensive and philosophically astute, though I did
not find the critique of Grossmann and Mattick convincing).

"Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the decline of theory" in Aufheben, no
2, Summer 1993 (Available c/o Prior House, Tilubry Place, Brighton,
E.Sussex, BN2 2 GY, UK). (Agrees with Pannekoek's critique of Grossmann and
attempts to extend it by bringing out the
impoverished--undialectical--conception of materialism in breakdown
theories; also attempts to shift our attention to the historical
proletarian subject whose historic needs can become material forces.  I am
not quite sure whether I agree with this critique, but there it is).

Oh, yes, about marxism and academics, I think it would be worthwhile for us
to study the last couple of pages in The Circular Letter to Bebel,
Liebknecht (it's in the Tucker reader--I, for one, need to really study
it). When I get the energy, I will reproduce a quote from Brecht on
intellectuals; Brecht raises the question of what (modest) contributions
intellectuals can make as intellectuals to working class politics--that is,
he dismisses the attempt at self-dissolution of intellectual identities.
But that's my read, so I'll reproduce the quote after I do the laundry.
d jones


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