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Tue Aug 16 18:34:01 MDT 1994

Actually, "Re: Marx & humor"...I think Jukka is certainly right
about Marx's sense of humor, which is not only present, but
relatively significant as well.  Despite the aforementioned
"rather longish diatribe against academics," to which wes refers
(and utterly dismisses himself, I might add), Marx hopefully
offers to us a model of critique which is not utterly joyless, in
all its intellectual rigor.  We would do well to strive to match
this "froehliche wissenschaft" (apologies to Nietzsche) as we try
to solve the riddle of history/abolish capitalism/bring about a
radical democratic politics/(choose your own flavor).  It might

One thing that *will* help if one wants to simply appreciate the
old man's sense of humor, is to read him in the German.  That,
Jukka did not point out.  I'm not sure about other languages, but
English certainly does it no justice...

Chris Nagle


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