Marxism and academia

wesley david cecil wcecil at
Tue Aug 16 23:03:07 MDT 1994

Ok, if a "real marxist" is a person who wants to put an end to capitalism
ny studying the "real world" then we are in "real" trouble.  First, labor
statistics are generated by an academic discipline par-excellance, if you
think Hegelian Ontology is a bit sticky, try a brief read through some
economic modeling texts(I know there are some professional economists on
the server, perhaps you could speak to this issue).  Not that economics
is useless, far from it, but I would argue that it is no more, nor less,
a real pursuit than what is going on in this group.
More to my field of inquiry, putting an end to capitalism seems a bit
utopic, particularly when taken as the goal of an individual.  Perhaps
you should exmine your bourgois desires to be a self-realized, fully
conscious actor in the stage play of revolution a bit before you start
slicing up the real and not so real.


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