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Dave Wilson Dave at zizek.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 17 05:13:36 MDT 1994

Wes and Gene;

Your discussion on Lacan and marxism interests me. *I* would appreciate it
if you continued the discussion in public.

Over the last couple of years I am experiencing a personal return to Marx,
prompted by my Lacanian readings, kicked off by Zizek.

Wes' comment that;

>I argue that his claim is that the subject of
>history, capable of experiencing the laws of historical materialism, is
>a by-product of language.  In this case, historical materialism becomes
>inconceivable to us outside of our linguistically constructed
>subjectivity.  Now, historical materialism might bring about a massive
>shift in subjectivity, but we would experience
>this shift as some kind of subject, and would see some code(Lacan says it
>will always be the phallic code, but I don't see much reason believe this)
>as formative, and as subjects this code would seem universal and
>necessarily transhistorical.

seems plausible to me.

I agree that this seems to constitute a lot
>of the work of D and G and Goux, and am interested tohear what your
>response is(this is one of the subjects of my upcoming PhD. Exams, so I
>also have a lot of references, but we might want to do that direct rather
>than through the newsgroup).

More about Goux please! Who he? and which bits of D&G are you referring to,
or do you see it as (embedded in) their entire project?



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