Normativity and stats (was Marxism and academia)

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Fri Aug 19 08:58:18 MDT 1994

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 07:21 -0500 (CDT)
From: Andy Daitsman <ADAITS at>
Subject: Re: Normativity and stats (was Marxism and academia)

(from Colin Cavell)
>You apparently disagree that Louis's point, couched in Anderson's
>observations, was proven by your remarks.  Your inability to see what I saw is
>exactly why I decided to wait until you made reference to this disagreement on
>the marxism conference, for it appears that our ontological and perhaps
>epistemological referents are incommensurable.

(from Andy Daitsman)
<<Of course, you refuse to make your own known to anyone but yourself...
<<Colin, instead of wry, cynical, and highly obscure comments it would be
<<tremendously interesting if you put yourself on the line and actually took a
<<position and defended it.  Otherwise, I'll just avoid reading your contributions
<<to this list in the future.

Now Andy, you are getting a bit testy, but no need to fret.  Pardon the pun,
but...:  The reality of our disagreement is not what you make it out to be.
And note, that every time I post something to this conference, I am taking a
position.  Whether I am successfully defending that position, however, is of
course debatable.
	But to reiterate and clarify, I see Louis' claims, echoing those of
Perry Anderson, partially confirmed when I see a western academic like
yourself state:  1)  only one of Marx's predictions has perhaps come true,
though not in any way Marx foresaw; 2) existing socialism has failed;
3) relying on orthodox Marxism is not useful for analyzing current social
reality.  Given such a perspective, I do find it difficult to believe that
such a person has the project of overthrowing capitalism foremost in their
mind.  And yet, I invite you to enlighten me.


                                             colin s. cavell

P.S.:  When you quit responding to my postings, only then will I have a
possible indication that you are no longer reading my missives.

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